SNI’s DEEP connects dynamic data about animal and plant life with digital creatives. Land steward communities permanently produce data about their work that renders the complexity of ‘nature’ comprehensible. With DEEP digital creatives bring this data to life in virtual worlds.
Sovereign Nature Initiative
In the press
  • Tracing the Wild at Nairobi Design Week 2023
    In May last year, I was connected with Mark Stephenson, the managing director of Sandstorm Kenya....
  • Tracing the wild uses Web3 technology to unite nature and humanity
    A new initiative, Tracing The Wild, builds off this momentum by showing the world that Web3 technology can be a true force to unite nature and humanity, and promote vital conservation efforts...
  • Sovereign Nature Initiative, Kenya Wildlife Trust, and Nairobi Design Week Partner to Showcase ‘Tracing the Wild.’
    Harnessing data on lions, data-driven art project ‘Tracing the Wild,’ is a First-Of-Its-Kind Interactive Digital and Physical Art Installation Promoting Conservation....
  • Up Front: Nairobi Design Week, Young Ghanaian American Publishers
    Nairobi Design week is an annual festival that takes place in Kenya’s Capital Nairobi. The festival highlights the works of local and international designers Young Ghanaian entrepreneurs on a mission to amplify African African voices and create connections among the African diaspora
  • Nairobi Design Week 2023: The coolest Art-Design Event So Far!
    When I walked into the Opportunity Factory on Sunday 12th March, I could not help but just gaze in awe at the creativity, the skilful work, splash of colour and the wide spectrum of stunning design stuff at the Nairobi Design Week...
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